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I was forced to retire due to disability from work several years ago. I felt lost after working so many years and not wanting to be retired when I knew I still had much to offer. My love of writing has been a lifetime goal, a dream of mine, and after much soul-searching, I know my new purpose is to root for and write about all those things persons with challenges and disabilities have yet to offer the world. A person with a disability still has many abilities. My faith has kept me going. It takes some time to rebuild old dreams into a current reality. I am pursuing a new path which I hope will make a difference in many lives, and educate those who do not have disabilities or challenges about how much talent there is in this world not yet discovered. Additionally, I like to write personal essays, and am working on a series of essays for a book I want to title, “Labels”. I am working on writing a memoir regarding hope in adversity. I like to dabble in poetry and have recently started a new blog. In the process, I’m learning more than I thought I’d want to know about social media, marketing, the business side of writing, and how much work this actually takes! I enjoy caring for my mother, and my great-grandson..


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The room was tense as Ethan, Sarah, Amanda, and James gathered around a table with maps and documents. They had come together, a group of unlikely allies bound by a common goal to expose the secret society that had infiltrated their lives.

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